Discover If the Microsoft Small Business Accounting Software is Worthy of Your Attention

Although still in the beginning stages, the Microsoft small business accounting software is a valuable application for SME’s, but may not yet be competitive with well-established accounting software such as Quick Books and Sage.The more dependable and secure Microsoft office accounting software is preferred over the small business accounting applications for most businesses trying to manage their financial needs.When users of small businesses desire to soundly integrate their accounting with MS Office applications such as Excel and Outlook Express Business Contact Manager, the Microsoft business accounting software is highly recommended. However, QuickBooks and Peachtree are more robust accounting programs that small business may need to utilize for in-house payroll processing.The Microsoft small business accounting software offers the following features (and more):(1) Creating invoices and purchase orders;(2) Recording bank deposits, payment bills, purchases, and receipts; and (3) Generating financial reports and statements.The excellent integration between Microsoft Office 2003 and the Microsoft small business accounting program is illustrated by the following features:(1) Microsoft Word can easily be used to create custom involve templates in the accounting program; (2) Accounting reports can be exported to Microsoft Access or Excel;(3) Microsoft Excel can process payroll and import it into the Microsoft small business accounting program;And (4) MS Outlook Business Contact Manager can track billable time.Microsoft small business accounting also delivers a number of useful tools.(1) The power to import inventory data from QuickBooks, but only with the QuickBooks 2002 to 2004 versions;(2) A user-friendly and spontaneous interface that will excite the fans of MS Outlook by its close resemblance to that program;And (3) A task flow chart for easy navigation.This chart is similar to the one found in QuickBooks.Another benefit of the Microsoft small businesses accounting program is that there is only one edition, making it very convenient to upgrade, whereas upgrading QuickBooks is a difficult venture due to its variety of editions.Furthermore, the flawless integration with the MS Office Business Contact Manager makes it very effective for tracking billable time.As mentioned previously, the perfect integration with the MS Office Excel, Word, and Access allows for the effortless creation of reports and templates within those programs.Which is very beneficial when you have a lot of reports that need to be done.